Periodista /1988 Cali – Valle

Soy periodista de profesión y escribo en este blog porque me gusta la posibilidad de tener mi propio espacio entre una oleada gigante de blogs, paginas web y  redes sociales . Escribo para compartir historias, experiencias , opiniones y pensamientos que pueden ser aceptados, criticados o hasta odiados.  Así que escribo porque es la tarea de mi para mi.


I am a Colombian journalist with a specialization in Human Rights Education. I worked for over five years as a communications director for Esquina Latina, an NGO aimed at helping reintegrate children and women victims of the Colombian armed conflict. In this position, I was also in charge of writing the proposals to obtain sponsorship and support from government and international cooperation agencies. As part of my responsibilities, I launched various theater and communications projects under the program, “Youth, Theater and Community.” The program mainly educated vulnerable communities to understand their legal rights, raise awareness and build a safe environment for children in the seven most dangerous areas of the city of Cali.


I moved to New York City four years ago to continue expanding my horizons. I work now as a community relations specialist with Mark Medical Care, a medical office, where I oversee its social responsibility part, public relations, and project management with local organizations targeting Hispanic communities in Long Island and Queens. I continue to be part of non-governmental organizations and writing for small media outlets: The latest project I got involved was called, «Real people, Real lives» for New Women New Yorkers, a nonprofit organization that provides professional development to empower immigrant women to find a fulltime job in New York.   And, my most recent publication is part of the book, » Sin Maletas (Without Suitcases),» that tells a chronicle of a Guatemalan politician exiled in the city of New York.

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