Polishing your resume? Here I tell you how to get a trustworthy person or institution to do it

Have you worked on your resume but still have doubts about it? Well, once the resume is ready, you should have a second opinion to polish it.

There are tons of organizations and institutions that can help you to build your ideal resume, the following recommendations are based on my own experience.

Be Brief, concise, and precise: A resume is your life story. You have a chance to let the recruiters know the best of you. Have you noticed when you are telling an interesting story, some details are essential to highlight; however, if vague too much, the spectator loses the connection with the story. The resume is the same, you’re the storyteller, and the mission is to connect with the job description. Think and capture the points connecting your personal and academic experience with the position you are applying for.


One page: In most cases, the text content of a Tweet can contain up to 280 characters; well, choose wisely your words the same way to put in the resume. 

Read it aloud: Read the job description and read your resume aloud. Verify if there are keywords, skills, and abilities in common that motives the recruiter to make a call to the applicant. 

Add a plus: Means add something unexpected to your resume, an award, a volunteer experience, something that can easily open a conversation during the interview. 

Get a second opinion: Sometimes, it is necessary to have a third party judge and criticize our work. I recommend going to the public library and asking if they can correct/review the resume. Every public library has a career coaching program. You can even send it by email:resumehelp@bklynlibrary.org.

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