If you just move out to New York and you are looking for the right place to start learning English or practicing it, keep reading. There are schools and organizations provide English assistance in different levels and not only for beginners but also to improve the vocabulary and English skills to get a new job... Leer más →

When the words do not come out

Ximena Vélez is a Colombian journalist specialized in human rights. She worked for several years in her hometown in Colombia at a nonprofit organization (Esquina Latina), collecting the stories of children and women victims of war for the development of a theater play, which was performed in various communities. In 2015 she immigrated to NYC... Leer más →

Victoria Pantoja – Colombia 

|Women’s day| STORY Ring ring ring. Victoria answers the phone and responds kindly several times as she shakes her head in agreement. The call is from a client who frequently visits her every 8 days. This particular client makes recurring appointments for hair color treatment for her roots along with color brushing. Victoria tells the... Leer más →

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