If you just move out to New York and you are looking for the right place to start learning English or practicing it, keep reading. There are schools and organizations provide English assistance in different levels and not only for beginners but also to improve the vocabulary and English skills to get a new job or retake your professional path. The best part is most of these programs are FREE!


This university has a special program for adult immigrants who live in the New York City area called (ESOL) from Community Impact of Columbia University department. You can apply through Eventbrite looking for the event with the current year or you can register directly to https://communityimpact.columbia.edu/our-programs/esol Once you get admitted , you  should receive an email with the appointment of the evaluation, that day you must take a written and an oral test according to the level that you are applying  for and in a couple weeks they send an officially acceptance, the bad thing is that there are limited places so prepare yourself very well or you’ll be out of the game.

They offer free English classes in six levels, ranging from Beginning Literacy to Advanced. Also, they offer conversation classes for those students enrolled in levels 4, 5, or 6. All of their classes are held at sites in Harlem and other neighborhoods near the Columbia University campus. Each year they offer three 12-week cycles:  Fall (September-December) Spring (January-May) Summer (June-August)


I would love to recommend this place as an excellent start because they gave me the chance to study English in a free summer program, where I met my first friends in New York.

They have several English programs,
but this one, in particular, is free as part of Center for Immigrant Education
and Training located in the building C. If you have not gone yet to the Guardia
college not even for curiosity  to ask
about the English programs, then run and go to register, they always say there
is a lottery that takes forever but the truth is that you must take the risk
and write down your name on the list . They called me a month later an offered
me an intense English program Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
The classes cover grammar, writing, speaking, and social skills, in the break
time we had time to talk and share our stories about why we were done in USA.

Being part of this program is great because it opens you doors to different alternatives and you also realize the wide variety of certifications they offer to start working on your professional field or improve your career.

Center for Immigrant Education and Training: C-Building, Room C239 / (718) 482-5460


The following program is a real bargain, it is a super well-located school in Manhattan – practically next to the Wall Street bull – a unique opportunity because it allows you to see creative writing classes, write your resume, business English class and the Best of all is the class with a tutor, it about a native English speaker volunteer who talks with you about a particular topic once a week. One on one! This program also has other Plus, the immigration status is not a concern, feel free to go with an ANY VISA and pay a minimum amount.

Check it out http://www.newintlcenter.org/


This is my favorite program. I loved it! It was my learning place for the first year in New York City, where I met my first international friendships.  My classmates were from over the world: Russia, Dominican Republic, Africa, Chile, and, of course, Colombia. We used to have meetings to talk about our projections, dreams, plans, and get together into a book club, or the theater group, which allowed us a better understanding of the language and practicing the accent.

Their program is the best to lose the fear of public speaking, they gave me the right tools to get confident enough to elaborate my first speech of many were to come. Besides, it’s an excellent opportunity to improve your writing skills as a reporter or editor.  They have a special class where you can publish an article in the internal newspaper – a creative and teamwork process.

I recommend it 100%. The first step to apply is visiting the headquarter located in Lexington 39th street. There you have to write something like an admission letter or a cover letter and answer a few questions about your immigration status.  Finally, once you are admitted, they will give you a Bootcamp schedule that consists of intensive classes for two weeks from Monday to Friday.

ARNIC has an English language program taught by TESOL-certified professionals. They offer three-week intensive and ten-week courses specially designed for students at intermediate and advanced levels of English proficiency. The subjects covering: Grammar and vocabulary, Reading, listening and writing skills, Oral communication, business English and communication skills, and US culture and history.

In this school, you will discover NEW YORK. The diversity, the cultures, the features of the world with stories hard to imagine, united by the same language.


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